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Improvement of the Overall Radwaste Management Strategy at Ukrainian Operational and Shut-Down NPPs (RaMSU)

30 November -0001


The goal of the project was to improve the management of the radioactive waste generated during operation of nuclear facilities and nuclear power plants in Ukraine and resulting from shutdown of the Chernobyl NPP.


The project included development of recommendations to minimise waste generation and optimise waste treatment at nuclear power plants. The project consisted of six major tasks:

  • Waste minimisation at NPPs
  • Improvement and optimisation of waste treatment systems at NPPs
  • Conceptual design of the information and analytical waste management system for Energoatom
  • Conceptual design of standardised decontamination facilities at NPPs
  • Management of large-size radioactively contaminated components and equipment
  • Training of the end users’ personnel and dissemination of project results


  • Project management, planning and quality assurance
  • Recommendations for the minimization of waste generation at NPPs and improvement of the existing waste management systems, development and implementation of an integrated information system, effective decontamination techniques, improvement of personnel training in waste management
  • Concept for the management of large-size contaminated components and equipment