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NUKEM Success Stories

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A lot of very different people work at NUKEM. Our company brings together diverse personalities and different work methods to develop together nuclear technical solutions in a wide range of interesting projects. It is our long company history that joins us together as much as the incentive to make our world a “greener” place with our products and services.
As employer, we foster this commitment of our employees not only by offering a personal development plan with appropriate further training possibilities but also by providing an opportunity to gain international experience and enabling our employees to achieve a better work-life balance.

„NUKEM gave me the possibility to continue working by offering me a flexible part-time work model which also includes mobile working. This is how I can perfectly combine work and family.“

Bea Heinze | Head of Communications
Master of Science in Corporate Communications
with NUKEM since 2007

Bea Heinze
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Bea Heinze joined NUKEM in 2007 as a 19-year-old high-school graduate to enter a dual education program in pursuit of a degree in Business Administration. Back then, the dual education program was offered together with another company in order to give students specializing in the field of industry an opportunity to gain insight into production and logistics.

„After completing my Bachelor’s degree in 2010, I started working right away as full-time Communications Manager. The organizational unit Communications consisted besides me of the Head of Communications and an assistant. In 2013, I decided to attain a Master of Science degree in Corporate Communications while continuing working at NUKEM. My superior supported me in this effort from the very beginning. The sponsorship made it much easier for me to opt for studying while working. Over the years at NUKEM I had a chance to experience very interesting trips. As business administrator, it has always fascinated me to be able to look beyond my own horizons by visiting different nuclear facilities in Germany and abroad. It is our study trip to Chernobyl that I have a special memory of. After both of my colleagues left the company in 2015, the internal communication and all external marketing activities became my sole responsibility. In the meantime, I am Head of Communications and recently became a mother of a daughter. After my daughter was born, NUKEM gave me the possibility to continue working by offering me a flexible part-time work model which also includes mobile working. This is how I can perfectly combine work and family.“

„From the very beginning of my work as an engineer at NUKEM I was able to gain extensive practical experience mainly in international projects.“

Felix Langer | Project Manager
Dipl. Ing. Nuclear Energy Technology
With NUKEM since 2009

Felix Langer
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Felix Langer has been active in numerous international projects since he started his professional career in the department of radiation safety engineering at NUKEM in 2009 after completing his degree in nuclear engineering.

„My Name is Felix Langer, I have been working at NUKEM for twelve years now. From the very beginning of my work as an engineer I was able to gain extensive practical experience mainly in international projects. For example, in my capacity as responsible engineer for  the monitoring and tracking system for ICSRM (Industrial Complex for Solid Radwaste Management) at the NPP Chernobyl site in Ukraine or by contributing the expertise obtained during my nuclear engineering studies to the development of feasibility studies for cleaning up the damaged reactor units of Fukushima Daiichi NPP in Japan. Both sites are well-known worldwide far beyond the nuclear industry. Among other projects, I was involved in international projects in Bulgaria, France, China, Russia, Lithuania, and Switzerland. The cooperation with customers all over the world naturally entails frequent and often spectacular trips to the customers’ countries. And where else, if not on a trip to Japan, do you have an opportunity to try vinegar pickled whale brains cooked by a real master sushi chef?
Four years ago, I moved to another department within the company to assume responsibility for the project implementation as a project manager. Among other projects, since 2016 I have been responsible for the design, manufacture, and operation of a Belt Conveyor Free Release Measurement System in Belgium. So far, this system has checked 45,000 tons of material, such as soil and bulk material, for radioactive contamination. The system makes it possible to prevent release of contaminated waste into the environment and to minimise the waste treatment effort which in turn allows to reduce the overall costs imposed on society. In the meantime, I completed two courses to obtain the IPMA (International Project Management Association) certification in project management. The certification was the next important step towards becoming a successful project manager. For this reason, it was supported by NUKEM. In addition to my actual job, I have had the privilege of representing NUKEM at various national and international conferences by holding presentations and over the years I have supervised eight Bachelor’s and Master’s students writing their theses. I highly appreciate the good working environment at NUKEM. A group of colleagues meets once a week to jog together and together we take part in the annual J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge race in Frankfurt.“

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