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In our understanding, Innovation, Solutions and Excellence are closely linked.

As a technology-driven company, Innovation pervades our processes and way of thinking. From our perspective, innovation is not limited to disruptive inventions that make entire product lines and business models obsolete. Making proven products safer in terms of their application or environmental compatibility, using resources more sparingly and providing additional benefits are all part of innovation for us. We constantly think of new working-time models, software architecture and methods of cooperation. We question these aspects of our work continuously, with the aim of finding out how we can improve and where we can apply improvements.

Innovation in turn leads to Solutions. Not only we do want to apply technology, but we want to solve real problems from our experience. Our customers know their business very well and therefore pay their full attention to it. We help them by relieving them of problems based on our fields of competence and taking responsibility for the result. Increasingly, customers are also asking for operational support of our systems - and we are happy to accompany them on their journey.

However, all this is nothing without the ability to deliver Excellence. As well as the technical solution, the Customer understandably expects on-time delivery, outstanding and detailed preparation, and the highest standard of quality, delivered by a flexible team; from the development of a project to the handover of the product/service. Furthermore, in an international environment, intercultural competence and language skills are an added complexity; and whilst these services are not additionally rewarded, they are the basis for satisfied customers and long-term business relationships, and thus for the future success of the company.

„The “green field” is a symbol that it is possible and feasible to keep substances that arise from the industrial use of nuclear power permanently away from people and nature. Due to the safe processing of radioactive waste, they do not pose a threat to future generations either. Environmental protection is our mission.“

Thomas Seipolt | Managing Director