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„We offer our customers the best possible solutions in a safe, robust and cost-effective manner.“

Thomas Seipolt | Managing Director
Dipl. Ing. Mechanical & Nuclear Engineering
with NUKEM since 2002

„For our clients we provide safety, quality and efficient products and services based on our expertise and key competences.”

Sergey Molodtsov | Managing Director
Master Degree in International Business
with NUKEM since 2016

„Our goal is to sell our best-in-class services and solutions to ensure that our clients' tasks are completed sustainably and with minimum operational risk.“

Dr. Stefanie Foerster | Director of International Business Development and Sales
PhD Chemistry & EMBA
with NUKEM since 2021

„Highly professional and engaged teams are the key for innovative and progressive enterprises. At NUKEM we promote the synergy between the new ideas and the accumulated experience of the employees, partners and clients.“

Tatiana Rozinkova | Director HR and Communications
Master Degree in Organizational and Industrial Psychology
with NUKEM since 2020

„Transformation begins in the head. We use up-to-date technologies to streamline our work methods and processes, which, in turn, leads to greater transparency and efficiency.“

Dimitri Nemirovski | Director Finance and Commercial
Master of Science in Economics
with NUKEM since 2020

„We combine innovation and technical excellence to provide our customer the best solution.“

Manoel Landrieu | Head of Engineering
Dipl. Ing. Mechanical Engineering and Space Science
with NUKEM since 2021

„A robust project governance empowers professionals and ensures the trust of our customers in the best completion of their projects.“

Timothée Gauthier | Head of Projects
Master Degree in Engineering
with NUKEM since 2020

„Technology forms the basis, but its continuous development is the key to successful projects.“

Klaus Büttner | Chief Technology Officer
Dipl.-Ing. Process Engineering
with NUKEM since 2003

„Our quality is not an accident - it is the result of high intention, well-thought-out work methods and consistent implementation.“

Ingo Suska | Head of Quality Management
Product Designer
with NUKEM since 2005

„Our respectful and open communication with each other and with our customers and contractors builds trust, which is an essential basis for successful cooperation.“

Yvonne Amend | Communications Manager
Master of Arts in Business Administration and Law
with NUKEM since 2019

„Our employees represent the core of NUKEM! Their commitment and expertise are the foundation of our success. For this reason, it is particularly important to us to provide good working conditions and to invest in their professional and personal development.“

Hanna Christ | Head of Human Resources
Graduate in Business Administration
(University of Applied Sciences - FH)
with NUKEM since 2014