Manual Sorting Box, Shredder and Decontamination Tank with Ultrasonic Agitation for Horia Hulubei National Institute for R&D in Physics and Nuclear Engineering in Romania


In spring 2014, NUKEM was awarded a contract to supply a high force compactor for the institute. Upon successful completion of the project, General Concrete Cernavoda SRL (GC) acting on behalf of the Institute of Physics and Nuclear Engineering in Magurele/ Bucharest tasked NUKEM to supply a manual sorting box, a shredder and a decontamination tank with ultrasonic agitation.


The manual sorting box is equipped with a tilting device for 100l drums and a docking device for 200l drums. For the Institute, the sorting box is an important step towards low-level waste management. The standard shredder serves for the size-reduction of slightly contaminated plastic waste. It consists of slow-moving and low-noise hexagon shafts, a support frame, a feed funnel and a local control system. The decontamination tank with ultrasonic agitation comprises a tank, a submersible transducer, an ultrasonic generator and an outlet.


NUKEM's scope of supply and services included:

  • Design
  • Procurement
  • Acceptance
  • Supply
  • Documentation