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Feasibility Studies for MHI Fukushima

30 November -0001


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd contracted NUKEM to carry out four feasibility studies seeking to explore the most critical aspects and challenges associated with disposal of fuel debris from the damaged reactor units of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant.


The project consisted of four feasibility studies:

  • Mapping of primary containment vessel (PCV) flooring and removal of interference materials
  • Dismantling and cutting of biological shield
  • Rail-based transport system
  • Transport system in fuel debris retrieval cell


NUKEM provided the following services:

  • Comprehensive evaluation method for selection of the most suitable technologies
  • Elaboration of options based on standardized criteria
  • Development of conceptual design for preferred options
  • Preparation of flow charts, operational sequences, cost analysis, estimated duration, radiation exposure calculations etc.
  • Safety and vulnerability analysis