Near-Surface Repository for Low Level Waste in Iraq


An international consortium led by NUKEM is tasked with designing of a near-surface repository for low-level waste in Iraq. The goal of the EU-sponsored project is to prepare a licensing documents package which will be acceptable for the Iraqi nuclear regulator.


Specifically, the work scope includes analysing the waste inventory, identification of a suitable site and designing the repository according to the best international standards. The repository safety during and after active operation phase will be demonstrated by a comprehensive safety case. A particular challenge for the project is the prevailing political situation which may create difficulties with the project implementation. This project will provide Iraq with sustainable capabilities for safe disposal of radioactive waste which has been previously accumulated and also which is expected to be generated during decommissioning and remediation of largely destroyed Iraq's nuclear installations. Through this project, NUKEM is able to make an important contribution to the disposal of Iraq's nuclear legacy waste.


NUKEM provides the following services:

  • Analysis of waste inventory
  • Identification of a suitable site
  • Repository design according to the best international standards
  • Substantiation of safety during and after service life