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Drum Cleaning Package for BeAAT Expansion Project

30 November -0001


As part of the BeAAT Expansion project, NUKEM has been contracted by Intecsa Ingeniería Industrial for the design and delivery of a Drum Cleaning Facility.


The facilitiy designed and delivered by NUKEM will be part of a waste treatment centre, which is intended to process chemical solid and liquid waste generated at a number of operational sites of ADNOC. The project aims to increase the future waste handling load, improve BeAAT facility operation and provide more flexibility in treating wastes. Drums filled with either organic or aqueous liquid wastes are received at the Drum Cleaning Facility from the interim storage area. After an initial assessment, the drums are emptied and the liquid wastes are transferred to tank farms for separate storage. The empty drums are then washed and dried and a visual inspection and automatic leak-test of each drum is carried out. If any drum fails the inspection/test, it is either sent to be shredded (plastic drums) or compacted (metal drums), and forwarded to the Solidification Unit for processing and disposal at the Client‘s discretion.


NUKEM provides the following services:

  • Basic and Detailed Design
  • Manufacturing and installation
  • Commissioning
  • Electrical power, instrumentation and control systems
  • Packaging and marking for shipment
  • Delivery to the port of Hamburg