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Chemical Waste Solidification Facility for BeAAT Expansion Project

30 November -0001


INTECSA Industrial Abu Dhabi has tasked NUKEM to design and supply a facility for solidification of chemical waste in Ruwais.


The solidification facility's throughput should be adequate to produce six blocks each containing 1 cub m of material per hour. The facility is to become part of a waste treatment centre (BeAAT project) which is expected to process chemical waste generated at various operating sites of the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. The solidification facility features a Waste Receipt Bay to receive various solid waste delivered in bulk by trucks, bucket excavators or in big bags. If needed, waste can be size-reduced and placed for storage in silos just like any required aggregates (e.g. cement or sand). The centrepiece of the solidification plant is a double-shaft mixer where waste will be mixed with cement and water and subsequently poured into 1m³ moulds. The filled moulds will be transferred to dedicated curing locations and left there to mature for at least 72 hours. The resulting solid blocks will be then stripped from the moulds and consigned to the BeAAT disposal site. The moulds can be cleaned and kept for further use.


NUKEM provides the following services:

  • Basic and Detailed Design
  • Manufacturing and installation
  • Commissioning
  • Electrical power, instrumentation and control systems
  • Packaging and marking for shipment
  • Delivery to the port of Hamburg