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Since 1978, Nuclear Engineering Seibersdorf GmbH (NES) has been operating an Incineration Facility for low-level radioactive waste at the Seibersdorf site on behalf of the Republic of Austria.

The main components of the Incineration Facility are an incinerator with feed system, combustion chamber and ash discharge system as well as flue gas pipelines with flue gas treatment equipment, blowers, and a gas firing system. In 2016, NUKEM Technologies Engineering Services GmbH (NUKEM) was awarded a contract for the upgrade of the Incineration Facility as General Contractor. The purpose of the upgrade was to optimise the incinerator feed and ash discharge processes, in particular to reliably prevent spreading of contamination through installing sealed box systems. The project also aimed at improving the incineration process and flue gas treatment.

Due to unexpected challenges that arose during the implementation of the incinerator upgrade, there was a delay in reaching the post-upgrade functionality.

After the upgrade, the Facility was successively put into operation and the operating team was trained. During this process, the Facility’s control system and various details were consistently improved and combined into a high-performance overall system. The customer’s team can operate the Facility automatically and manage all situations that may occur within the system in a competent, safe, and independent manner.

The system shall be handed over in several steps by bringing the control of the Facility more and more under the responsibility of NES. In July 2022, the Facility was tested under real conditions during a two-week test run.

During the test run that was completed on 02.12.2022 and confirmed by NES, the Incineration Facility was controlled by NES independently under the supervision of a NUKEM expert. Following acceptance, NES can now go into productive operation. NUKEM will continue to accompany NES during the warranty period and in the context of further activities.

NUKEM Technologies in Karlstein am Main, Germany, is world-wide active in the areas of management of radioactive waste and spent fuel, decommissioning of nuclear facilities, engineering and consulting. For more than 60 years NUKEM Technologies provides high quality products, technologies and services, where Innovation, Solutions and Excellence are closely linked.

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