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Alzenau, 15 January 2016. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries of Japan have awarded a contract of four Feasibility Studies to NUKEM Technologies (NUKEM). The Studies are part of a National R&D Project, which the Japanese Government launched in order to develop suitable technologies for the dismantling of the damaged reactors in Fukushima. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries will be a major contractor to perform the execution works on the Fukushima site.

The Studies comprise the “Mapping of Primary Containment Vessel (PCV) flooring and Removal of Interference Materials” which is the concept for scanning and removal of materials inside the PCV and the “Biological Shielding Wall (BSW) Cutting and Dismantling Method” a concept for remote cutting of the BSW. Besides NUKEM will also prepare concepts for a “Rail-bound carrier system” which describes the remote installation of a rail system and a “Fuel Debris Retrieval Cell Transportation” in which a remotely operated transportation system needs to be developed.

“This contract is a major step for NUKEM being selected and recognized in the Japanese business community and especially accepted for the challenging tasks in the Fukushima Daiichi Restoration Works”, explains Ulf Kutscher, Managing Director of NUKEM Technologies.

The studies have to be completed within seven month and are the basis for NUKEM to become involved in the following execution works in Fukushima.