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In December 2019, we successfully delivered our high force compactor to the site where the waste treatment centre will be located. In March 2020, the sorting and fragmentation facility followed suit. The waste treatment centre will be used for treating all low and intermediate level solid waste from the Khmelnitsky NPP.

The waste volume will be reduced by means of thermal and mechanical treatment processes and converted into a condition suitable for final storage. The design of the building for the waste treatment centre is completed. The construction will start in the 2nd quarter of 2020. After that, the installation and commissioning of our facilities will begin next year. By means of the high force compactor, 170 l drums will be compacted. The drums are filled with solid radioactive waste, such as

  • thermal insulation materials
  • filter elements and filter materials of the ventilation system
  • cables
  • construction waste (including concrete parts)
  • metal fittings, shavings and equipment elements
  • metal waste that still exceeds the reference values after decontamination
  • ash from the incineration facility
  • tools, components, devices

The pressing force of the compaction unit amounts up to 20.000 kN, and the throughput is at least six 170 l drums per hour.

The sorting and fragmentation facility is used for sorting solid radioactive waste according to its physical and chemical characteristics and to the respective method of further treatment. For example, the incoming waste is sorted into combustible and non-combustible, or compactable and non-compactable. Additionally, both metal and non-mental waste can be cut into smaller manageable parts, and components and assemblies can be dismantled. The sorting and fragmentation facility will operate five days a week (60 hours per week). In terms of throughput, the facility is designed to process at least 3 m3 waste per shift. The following waste will be treated at the facility:

  • thermal insulation such as insulating mats, mineral wool, fibre glass
  • metal waste generated during maintenance (rolled metal products, pipes, welding materials, cutting and grinding tools, metal shavings)
  • concrete, plaster, formwork, scaffolding and other construction waste that is generated during the clean-up of rooms in the controlled area
  • rubber and plastic products, cables
  • wood, scaffolding boards
  • working clothes
  • wipes and cloths

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