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Alzenau, 17th October 2019. NUKEM Technologies (NUKEM) has awarded a contract for the design, provision of technology and the delivery of selected equipment for the Waste Treatment Facility at Xiapu Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) in the Fujian Province of the People's Republic of China.

In Cooperation with the Chinese Jiangsu CASHH Nuclear Environment Protection Co. Ltd. (CASHH: 江苏中海华核环保有限公司), NUKEM will be responsible for the design of the waste treatment process and will supply selected Waste Treatment Equipment for the main technological processes.

The waste treatment facility at Xiapu NPP site will be a separate tailor-made building designed to manage both the wet and solid waste, which will be generated by two units of the 600 MW Demonstration Fast Breeder Reactor at the Xiapu NPP site.

The wet waste treatment part includes the tailor-made processes for the treatment of the spent resins and evaporator concentrates, it mainly includes specifically designed equipment for the spent resin drying and loading into high integrity containers (HIC) as well as the process for the drying of the evaporator concentrates as well as the loading into the HIC and grouting.

The dry waste treatment process part mainly consists of a waste sorting facility, the waste drying, segmentation sorting and compaction of the dry waste completed by final waste grouting and package inspection prior to the transfer of the final waste packages into the waste package storage repository which is located at the site.

The project started in the first quarter of 2019 and the Kick-Off Meeting between Jiangsu CASHH Nuclear Environment Protection Co. Ltd. as main Contractor and NUKEM Technologies Engineering Services GmbH took place in April 2019.

The delivery of the design process package is scheduled for 2019 and the procurement of equipment and technological components during 2020. Delivery of equipment is scheduled for first half of 2020 and is planned to be put in operation in 2021.

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