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NUKEM was awarded by NIKIMT-Atomstroy a contract to design and supply an incineration facility and a high force compaction facility for the treatment of solid radioactive waste at the new radwaste treatment centre in 00UKS building that will be built at the Turkish nuclear power plant Akkuyu.

The new waste treatment centre will be used for processing all low and intermediate level solid waste from the new nuclear power plant. The waste volume will be reduced by means of thermal and mechanical processes and the waste will then be conditioned to make it suitable for final disposal.

NUKEM will provide the technology for a new incinerator with a throughput of 25 kg/h, that has all the required additional equipment to ensure the treatment of combustible solid radioactive waste including a radiological and chemical monitoring system. In collaboration with the customer the supply of the facility will then be optimized to address the specific needs of this project (a combination of the Russian and European regulations). NUKEM will maintain the full responsibility for the design and functionality of the facility.

Along with the incinerator, NUKEM will also supply a 2.000t high force compactor including the control system. The high force compactor will be fitted out with an automatic drum feeding system and an integrated pellet transfer device. The high force compactor is designed as a throughfeed facility so that material feeding and discharging of compacted pellets can be performed in one step. It enables a throughput capacity of 6 drums per hour.

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