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Alzenau, 26th April 2019. The contract between Franco Belge de Fabrication de Combustible (FBFC) International and NUKEM Technologies was extended to include the radiological characterization of additional 18.000 t of soil. 

Between 1961 and 2012, nuclear fuel was fabricated at the Dessel site. The buildings are currently being dismantled, and the soil needs to be checked for contamination. For this purpose, the latter is fragmented into small pieces batch-wise. This helps achieve a homogenous and controllable material stream, which can be then subjected to radiological measurements and characterization. The characterization is based on the results of the MCNP calculations, of the gamma spectrometric measurements as well as weight and volume measurements. Depending on the measured specific activity of the uranium nuclide vector, the soil is then either prepared for material clearance or, if contaminated, filled into special containers.

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