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Last year, NUKEM was awarded a contract to develop the basic and detail design for the waste treatment centre at the Xudapu NPP in China. The contract also included procurement and delivery of the equipment to be selected as well as technical support and supervision of the installation and commissioning of the systems.

The contract for the solid radioactive waste treatment facilities was awarded to NUKEM by AEROSUN Corporation.

In October 2022, NUKEM met the deadline for submitting the complete basic design for all four main systems of the waste treatment centre, which was handed over to AEROSUN on time. The systems include a spent resin treatment system, a distillation residue treatment system, a dry waste treatment system, and solid waste transport and cementation. After that, the basic design reviews with AEROSUN and the end customer were completed for all systems, and the basic design was finalized on 14.04.2023.

We have already signed contracts with the suppliers of the high force compactor, the conical dryers, and the in-drum dryers, and have given them the go-ahead for manufacturing. In parallel, we have started working on the detail design, which is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2023. It is planned that the components will be delivered in February 2024, and the installation and commissioning on site will take place from May to June 2024.

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