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Alzenau, 8th November 2018. Interview with Anna Bieberle, 26 years old, electrical engineer, with NUKEM since 2011

How did you come to join the nuclear industry?

My first contact with nuclear engineering was during my dual study programme at NUKEM. At that time the nuclear technology was not yet my focus, it was rather about the possibility of combining studies and work. As a trainee, I was first taken to visit a nuclear power plant which has left me fascinated with the technology and high safety regulations of nuclear installations ever since.

What project are you dealing with at the moment? What are your responsibilities?

Currently, I’m working on the INTECSA project which is aimed to supply a Drum Cleaning Unit for the oil industry. My responsibilities under the project include electrical and I&C design as well as procurement of equipment and supervision of subcontractors.

What are the major challenges or highlights that you have experienced over the almost four years with NUKEM?

One of the highlights of my time with NUKEM was definitely my first deployment on a construction site as we were tasked with the installation and commissioning of a waste treatment centre for Ignalina NPP in Lithuania. It was the chance for me to see how the design package, in preparation of which I had also been involved, takes physical shape. Besides, I learnt about the challenges associated with implementation of such facilities and can now incorporate them in my work.

What is it that attracts you to work in the nuclear industry?

Primarily, it is the high standards placed on the design development. Because of radiation impact, the facilities must be highly automated. For this reason, a design package has to account for many aspects, such as accessibility for maintenance purposes etc., which are normally of lesser importance in other industries.

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