Cementation Plant for Radioactive Waste at Dounreay


DSRL contracted Graham Constructions with NUKEM as a subcontractor for supply of a modular cementation plant. The plant's main components include mixer, buffer tank, container tilting device, flexible hose pump and control unit.

With cold commissioning successfully completed in 2014, the facility was put in hot operation in 2015.


For the cementation plant in Dounreay, NUKEM supplies a mixer combined with a buffer tank to feed cement paste with the required flow of 10m³/h for grouting of 2/3rd HISO Containers. The above components are contained within a support rack with the same outer dimensions as a regular 20ft container. This means that only silos, lifting device of glove box and tilting device are installed outside the support rack.


NUKEM provided the following services:

  • Basic and Detail Engineering for process equipment
  • Procurement of equipment and delivery to Scotland, including documentation
  • Licensing support
  • Installation supervision
  • Training of personnel
  • Commissioning of process equipment
  • Supervision of acceptance tests
  • Project management