Construction of L556 Storage Building – Lot 3: Electrical Power, Instrumentation and Control for WAK GmbH


WAK GmbH operates L563 storage facility for radioactive waste at HDB site. To increase its storage capacity, it is planned to expand the facility by constructing an additional storage building tagged "L566".

Within the framework of the L556 construction project, WAK GmbH awarded a contract to a consortium led by Staadler & Schaaf with NUKEM being a partner for Lot 3: electrical power, instrumentation and control.


Lot 3 (EI&C) is part of the L556 project which covers equipment supply and services as required for on-site electrical power, instrumentation and control.

NUKEM's scope of supply and services includes the following:

  • Backup power supply (UPS)
  • Video system
  • Seismic instrumentation
  • Radiation protection instrumentation
  • Monorail 5t hoist with trolley

Staadler's & Schaaf's scope of supply and services includes the following:

  • Normal power supply
  • Grounding and lightning protection
  • Lighting and installation
  • Safety lighting
  • Cable runs
  • Fire alarm
  • Phone network
  • Public address system
  • Failure alarm system


The consortium provided the following services:

  • Preparation of necessary detailed, fabrication and installation design and related manufacturer's design documents to be submitted for review
  • Factory acceptance tests and delivery of electrical and I&C equipment and components for the L566 building
  • Installation, site tests and commissioning of electrical power and I&C systems in the L566 building.