Concept Study for Treatment of Radioactive Materials Generated during Decommissioning Projects for EnBW Kernkraft GmbH (EnKK)


Within the framework of EnBW decommissioning planning, NUKEM developed a waste treatment strategy for Neckarwestheim NPP units 1 and 2 and Philippsburg NPP units 1 and 2.


The study for EnKK covers the following:

  • Analysis of waste streams in the context of decommissioning activities at four reactor units
  • Development of an overall concept for waste treatment
  • Calculations of waste streams and process throughput
  • Conceptual analysis based on the market price method
  • Development of a conceptual design for a waste treatment centre
  • Cost calculations for the selected design concepts

The outcomes of the study define the basic approaches to waste treatment.


NUKEM Technologies provided the following services:

  • Analysis of various aspects of the waste treatment:
    • Sorting
    • Segmentation and decontamination
    • Retrieval techniques
    • Size-reduction techniques
    • Documentation and waste tracking
    • Procurement of equipment
    • Waste treatment by external contractors
  • Elaboration of waste treatment concepts
  • Development of basic design concepts for waste treatment centres and interim storage facilities