Detailed Concept for the Fragmentation of Steam Dryer and Water Separator for Mühleberg Nuclear Power Plant


BKW Energie AG has contracted NUKEM to develop a detailed concept for the fragmentation of the steam dryer and water separator for the Mühleberg Nuclear Power Plant.


The project seeks to extend a basic (schematic) concept for fragmentation of steam dryer and water separator with special focus on the following aspects:

  • Required tools, procedures and process flows, including time schedule and resource plan
  • Potential for optimisation as compared with the approaches suggested by BKW
  • Consideration of secondary waste generated during fragmentation and possibility to condition secondary waste
  • Necessary infrastructure, e.g. additional exhausts / air filters, systems to filter pool water (water purification)
  • Space requirements (layout plan) taking into account the actual situation at the pool floor elevation
  • Potential for optimisation with regard to the selected package type for dismantled components and the resulting requirements for size reduction.


Given the available input data on the current situation at the Mühleberg NPP and in consideration of radiation protection requirements, the planned fragmentation and mechanical handling techniques were evaluated in terms of suitability, required resources, lead time and costs.