NUKEM was awarded by AEROSUN Corporation a contract for the Basic and Detail Design for the Radioactive Solid Waste Treatment Equipment (SRTF) for Xudapu NPP in China.

The assignment also includes the procurement and supply of selected equipment as well as technical and supervision services of installation and commissioning of the system.

The radioactive Solid Waste Treatment Equipment is used to treat wet radioactive waste (like for example spent resin, activated carbon, still residues and slurry) and dry waste (such as discarded cloth, plastic, rubber, wood, small metal parts and other waste treated as dry waste). Two VVER 1200 units are under construction at Xudapu site and two more AP 1000 units are planned. In the future, a total of six units will be operated at the same site.

The systems offered include

  • spent resin treatment system (90KPM),
  • still residues treatment system (90KPN),
  • dry waste treatment system (90KPG),
  • solid waste transfer and cement immobilization system (90KPD).

NUKEM is responsible for the state of the art design of mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and control equipment as well as accessories necessary for the radioactive solid waste treatment equipment. To ensure the highest safety standards, the equipment also includes shielding to protect the operators as well as the environment from radioactive radiation.

“Our new project at the Xudapu site joins a long list of waste treatment projects that we have successfully carried out in China over the past 30 years”, said Dr. Stefanie Foerster, Director of International Business Development & Sales.

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