NUKEM Technologies was awarded a contract by its longstanding client Franco Belge de Fabrication de Combustible (FBFC) International for the modification of the belt conveyor free release measurement system (FREMES) for radiological characterization of concrete and construction waste.

The current application has been used for the measurement of over 25.000 tons of soil. As a result of the performed characterization, almost all of the measured material could be free-released. Following the successful demonstration of the feasibility of measuring contaminated concrete, the officially approved technology will now be extended to include the use for industrial concrete along with the contaminated soil. The goal of the modification is the characterization of up to 10.000 tons of construction waste until the end of the year. The main benefit of this system is a hundred percent examination of the potentially contaminated material, which eliminates the danger of overlooking radiological hot spots. Since the system consists of two 40‘ containers, it is well suited for mobile deployment. Thanks to its design, it can be easily shipped to another operation site. The only process medium it needs at the site is electrical power.

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