NUKEM successfully developed the concept for the logistics of dismantling of the Berlin Experimental Reactor II (BER II) for the Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin (HZB).

With the dismantling concept the routing and logistics for the material streams “free release”, “external treatment”, “internal decay storage before free release” and “radioactive materials for final repository” are defined including the description of required handling equipment and eventually arising changes to the existing structures.

The materials with low to no radioactive content will be packed into boxes and send to the free-release facility (the logistics for this facility is included in the concept). Released materials and not releasable materials are separated and lead to the respective designations. Radioactive materials are either stored for decay and later release or directly deposited into the respective containers for final repositories (mostly “Konrad Type IV”, some “Mosaik”). For some other materials 20-foot containers will be used for on-site interim storage and transports to external treatment or disposal.

Only standard industrial transport and handling equipment is used for safe transports.

With the new concept the material flow from different positions inside and outside of the controlled area is ensured in a safe way. Included in the logistics are several locations outside of the buildings (mostly former parking lots) for interim storage of empty containers/boxes and even interim storage for low level wastes. The transport routing from these locations to the building and all transports inside of the building are defined.

This concept was developed in close cooperation with the experts from HZB for the dismantling project. This way all changed or new information could be integrated swiftly whenever required.

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